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We're dedicated to providing the best school supply shopping experience for Parents and Schools.


In just a few moments, you can purchase your personalized school supply kit for your child.


No need to do retail battle in busy stores, order from the convienence of your home and we take care of the rest!


Don't worry about price shopping, we always give you the best price the first time.

Why choose Back to School Solutions?

Shopping for School Supplies has never been easier. Back to School Solutions takes the stress out of the back to school season, offering a worry-free solution where 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. Our close partnerships with vendors provides quality, brand name products at competitive prices. Let us take care of your Back to School shopping this season.

  • guaranteed satisfaction
  • fundraising opportunities
  • reduce stress
  • brand name product only
  • full list customization
  • no crowds while shopping
  • save time, save money
  • we handle all the orders
  • no hassles


  • We enjoy the convenience of the program!

    Jamie, Staff at St. Thomas Aquinas School
  • This is a fantastic way to purchase supplies and get started on helping my child's school for the year.

    Jocelyn, Parent at Clara Tyner Elementary
  • You were recommended by my sister. Last year, I had a hard time finding school stuff for my kid. I am happy I found you. I will use your service from now on. No hassle, quick and complete!

    Don, Parent at Westglen School
  • First of all wanted to let you know everyone is thrilled with the supply kits!!! Parents, students and staff are all very impressed. Thank you for making the start of school so successful in that area.

    Sherry, staff at Granum School
  • Thank you for your assistance and correspondence during and after the delivery. It is evident that customer service and satisfaction is of great importance. Feedback from both teachers and parents has been extremely positive and we will be using your service again.

    Northmount School
  • Great program!

    Raelene, Staff at Carbon School
  • Love the flexibility of the program.

    Kim, Staff at Christina Lake Elementary
  • This saved me time and money it's great.

    Anise, Parent at Ecole La Prairie
  • BTSS is the perfect fit for our busy lives these days. What could be easier than going online to order supplies from a list of teacher selected items? We will be using the program for many years to come, organizers, parents and teachers all love it!

    Karen S. from George H. Luck
  • Parents appreciated that they were able to tailor their orders to meet their child’s needs. We were pleased with the quality of materials and how neatly they were organized into cardboard suitcases and delivered to the school for parent pick-up before the first day of classes.

    Carol S. from Northmount School
  • I think this service is wonderful. I don't think I would enjoy running around trying to find the right colored folders, correct paints, etc. Thank you for making this so simple :)

    Rhonda, Parent at New Horizons School
  • Back to School Solutions was an incredible one-stop-school-supply-shopping experience. As a parent, knowing the specific products had already been chosen by the teachers meant that I didn’t need to stand in a crowded store and make those decisions. The prices were incredible, the online ordering was fast and fully-featured, and the supplies themselves were top-notch.

    Kristin R. from Parkland Village School
  • We were very pleased with the customer service shown by Michael Li, the Sales and Marketing Coordinator of Back to School Solutions when he personally delivered the package to a student who was missing it.

    Parkland Village School
  • I was very pleased with the program. The supplies were at the school on the delivery date that was quoted to me and the supplies were all correct in the packages for the students... It would be wonderful if we could get more parents to participate in the program it would make it so much easier for them as well.

    Mariann, Staff at Pipestone School
  • It was great not having to worry about what was needed.

    Joanne, Parent at Georges H Primeau School
  • All was good. Parents love the cardboard boxes that supplies come in.

    Kim, Staff at Christina Lake School
  • That process was absolutely fabulous! So easy and no crowds. Thanks.

    Stacy, Parent at Mee Yah Noh School

For Parents

Reduce your Back to School Stress.

Let us take care of the stress of visiting multiple retail stores to find all the right supplies your child needs. We are your one-stop-shop for the most popular school supplies!

We work hard all year to bring you the best.

Usually once Fall rolls around, most people don't think about the Back to School Season for another year. Not us! We work hard all year to build our program into the best there is, working closely with our vendors to ensure you get the best brand name products at competitive prices.

We believe in giving back to the community.

We offer schools that partner with us the option of receiving 10% of the total purchases made back as a fundraiser. This money is donated directly back to the school to help fund initiatives that benefits the students.

We guarantee your satisfaction.

We take pride in our work, and nothing is more important than making sure everything is ready for your child to return to school. If something went wrong, let us know and we will fix it!

For Schools

It's your supply list.

We work with you to create a customized supply list based on our assortment of quality school supplies. No lists are finalized without your approval. We try our best to source items that may not be a part of our regular inventory, but are essential to your classroom needs.

We're your next fundraiser.

We'd like to offer the opportunity of using our program as a fundraiser. For each order we receive from the school, 10% is donated back. If you don't want to use our service as a fundraiser, then we'll reduce the cost of each kit by 10% so the savings are passed on to parents.

The school is not on the hook.

We do our best to make this as simple as possible for the school. We will work closely with you to design the supply list you want. We also provide all the printed supply lists and order forms. We will take care of processing all the payments with the order forms or when parents order online.

We work hard to give you low prices.

Since we operate directly out of our Central Office and Distribution Centre in Edmonton, we're able to waive the mark-ups typically added by retailers. Our competitive prices mean that your students will have all they need for the upcoming school year.

Our Partners